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Class 3: Safety at Sea

ISO - Symbols for Safety Signs and Labels

ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels

Safety at Sea

Class 2: International Maritime Signal Flags

                   1) Watch the video and then complete the activities:


                    Flag Alphabet ~ International maritime signal flags

                   2) Write ten sentences using the Flag Alphabet on board 

Class 1- Life Saving Equipments on board

All ships must carry certain emergency and life-saving equipment. This equipment must meet minimum standards and must be properly tested and serviced.
There are different requirements depending on the size and type of ship and where it operates.
Emergency and life-saving equipment include things like:
  • lifeboats and liferafts
  • lifebuoys
  • lifejackets and attachments
  • buoyancy apparatus
  • emergency alarm systems and public address systems
  • marine evacuation systems
  • two-way VHF radiotelephone sets
  • fire-fighting equipment

Source: https://www.gov.uk/emergency-and-lifesaving-equipment-on-ships

Life Saving Appliances Equipments -LSA (video)